On January 15, 1999, LOST AND FOUND--Michael and George--were announced to be Grand Prize Winners in the 1998 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Their song, "Lions" won in the Gospel/Inspirational category.

The John Lennon Songwriting Contest is an international competition which Yoko Ono has said she hopes will, "encourage, inspire and help the songwriters of the world." In 1998, the Contest received more than 21,000 entries, in twelve musical genres. In the Gospel/Inspirational category, the Contest evaluated 2,000 entries.

Brian Rothschild, the Contest Executive Director, wrote to LOST AND FOUND to inform them that the Contest's Executive Committee of recording artists made the selection of "Lions" as the Grand Prize Winner in it's category. If you would like to see who--in addition to Ani DiFranco, Carole Bayer Sager, Elton John, Amy Grant, and Fugees--is on this Executive Committee, check out the Contest website at www.jlsc.com.

While not every member of the Executive Committee listened to every song in every category to select the Grand Prize Winners (interested parties could request to hear the songs in specific catogories and cast votes), a CD of the twelve category-winning songs will be sent to each member of the Committee. All the members of the Committee will hear each of the Grand Prize songs, and each member will cast a vote for "Song of the The Year." Quite a spectrum of folks will hear a LOST AND FOUND song through the Contest. We are particularly induced to say, "Rock On," when considering the lyrics and message of the song.

What about prizes? Are you wondering what we receive as a result of this distinction? Well, first of all we are enormously appreciative of the honor itself. Simply being chosen feels great and is its own reward. By way of something a bit more tangible, however, we will receive $2000 in cash, $5000 in Yamaha musical equipment, and $5000 from EMI Publishing as an advance on a Music Publishing Contract if we all agree to sign. Then, on Maundy Thursday, the Day of Passover, (April 1, 1999) the Song Of the Year will be announced. If, by some miracle, "Lions" is selected for that distinction, we will receive a prize of $20,000 from Maxell.

Look for the Contest's Educational Tour Bus around the country this year. You can't miss it, forty-five feet long and decorated as it is with bright blue paint and the name and likeness of John Lennon on all sides. The bus, a mobile recording studio, will visit schools, stores and music festivals throughout the year. The bus will be at Lilith, HORDE and other festivals and it will be featured on MTV, VH-1, CNN and lots of news shows. When you see them, stop by and introduce yourself. Visit the recording studio. Oh, and don't forget to bring your slinky.

We'll post more information here as it comes in.

Rock On for now!



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