LOST AND FOUND is Michael Bridges and George Baum.

George plays piano, and Michael plays guitar. Stylistically, the music of LOST AND FOUND is not easy to describe. Some have simply labeled it "speedwood" or "acoustic thrash." Others, upon hearing the unique blend of folk and screaming, played without drums or stacks of keyboards, and including the occasional ballad, have just said, "I've never heard anything like that before." One person said the music is, "the intersection of the Ramones and John Denver." This is, as you might imagine, a relatively deserted intersection.

LOST AND FOUND concerts involve the audiences. Michael and George developed an interactive style as they introduced themselves to audiences throughout the United States—and, in turn, made hundreds of friends—on their first concert tour. On this first tour, LOST AND FOUND traveled from New York to St. Louis, to Miami, to San Diego, to Seattle and back to New York on BICYCLES. During those 340 days, they sang more than 260 times at schools, camps, churches, and colleges. With no support vehicle and no particular training regimen, the year truly proved to be a journey of faith. To this day, their concerts include stories of their lives and their travels along with their songs. The concerts are a bit like having Michael and George over to your living room for conversation and music—it's more like a dialogue than a presentation.

LOST AND FOUND concerts can feel like gatherings of friends. All are welcome and all are included. Consequently, their concerts are usually promoted by word-of-mouth and here on this website. People who have heard and liked LOST AND FOUND simply tell their friends about upcoming concerts and invite their friends to come see LOST AND FOUND play. Once in a while people who have heard LOST AND FOUND decide to play LOST AND FOUND songs on the radio too.

ICHTHUS FestivalThe songs Michael and George write are notable for the catchy tunes and they also communicate quite a lot in under three minutes. The music is organic and fun, and the lyrics comment on life, faith, travel, friends and relationships. Some of their songs of faith have been tapped by publishers, from Augsburg-Fortress to Concordia to Zondervan, for use in teaching and aiding group discussion.

Michael and George fell into playing music full time pretty much by accident. One concert simply led to another and people heard them and asked them to come back and sing again. Now, they have been at it for over ten years during and after college and graduate school. It has never been the mission of LOST AND FOUND to sell out arenas, or to become staples of the radio. It has always been their mission to be honest and natural in concerts, to model a way of being an independent band, and to meet lots of people--communicating with them about faith and life.

Michael and George grew up a few blocks from each other in Niagara Falls, New York. Currently, George lives in New York City, and Michael lives in Los Angeles, California.

TouringLOST AND FOUND records and releases their own CDs on their own independent label called LIMB Records. While LOST AND FOUND cannot afford the production quality that a major record label can bring to an album, they are able to produce freely what they believe to be true and to offer CDs of their songs to remind people of the live concert experience. Lots of people have said, "You really have to see these guys in concert to 'get it.' " Funny, but it may be true.


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